Daily Yinz – Leek Lone – BADARAM!

Rapper Leek Lone teams up with producer blaqspacecowboy for the introspective “BADARAM!”.

The track finds Leek wary but hopeful, cognizant of life’s threats without letting them stop him from striving; he just keeps “Dropping project after project/Build the catalog,” as he puts it. Over a blaqspacecowboy beat that sounds like a blunted version of Boards of Canada’s “Aquarius,” Leek conjures some vibrant imagery, facing down the forces of darkness when he raps, “The sharpened sword stays ready for the goated beast/Shuffling the footwork, the blade’s swinging mournfully,” and calling out frauds with the cutting line, “The naked truth’s an outfit that be barely worn/Lie with the fabricated linen made for everyone.” The song comes complete with an autumnal “mini movie,” excellently shot by Treu Form, that features Leek exploring an abandoned, graffiti covered house out in the woods.

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