Daily Yinz – Princess Nostalgia – Ugly Lovely

Futuristic pop producer/songwriter/singer Princess Nostalgia returns with the effervescent “Ugly Lovely.”

An ode to the duality inherent in all people– be it the devil/angel, yin/yang, or Shakti/Shiva archetype–“Ugly Lovely” celebrates both the darkness and the light, acknowledging that, in the end, “It’s only me/Division makes for chemistry/Endlessly.” The song starts off with a few passages of throwback blues shuffle before morphing into one of Princess Nostalgia’s signature space-age jams, her prismatic, layered vocals backed by a driving beat, minimalist guitar stabs, and all manner of telephonic synth bleeps. Eventually, the song builds to its central mantra (“Love my ugly side/Hate my ugly side/Love my lovely side/Hate my lovely side”), Princess N playing around with cadence and repetition until the sentiment is all swirled up into an equilibrium of love and hate, ugliness and loveliness. This one compares favorably to last year’s “No Guru,” marking another entry in the artist’s cannon of musical koans.

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