Daily Yinz – Epic Squeese – Past Tense

Rapper Epic Squeese recently released an aspirational album called Mr. Smith.

Before Squeese goes in on album highlight “Past Tense,” you hear a rising tone, a bit like the one that accompanies an item box in Mario Kart, as if the rapper were powering up for the coming bars. His delivery and lyrics are authoritative without being preachy; one of his first lines is, “There’s things I can tell y’all/But y’all know enough,” a conceit that brings listeners into the fold right off the bat. Squeese spends his first verse discussing personal struggle and motivation, comparing his musical journey to “settlers on the trail,” before launching into a gripping second verse that highlights systemic oppression, giving vivid insight into its effects (those stuck in a cycle of violence are “linked to the Reaper,” left with no choice but to “squeeze ’til this pistol steaming”), waving away tired arguments (“They say it’s the result of that music my people streaming”), and calling out the deeper truths (“I say it’s the result of the way they force us to live […] It’s like you got a shovel and now they want you to dig”). “Past Tense” is a confident, unshowy track with wisdom to spare.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Yinz – Epic Squeese – Past Tense

  1. Epic put a lot of hard work into this album you can tell he took time to make sure he put out quality music. On top of that he speaking alot truth in his lyrics and its very rare for artists to stay true to themselves. One of my Fave tracks is Honcho he was having fun on that song as he should! Give him a listen 💯


  2. I watched my man put his all into this album. Heart , soul , blood , sweat and tears. He deserves so much recognition for this album. He is among the best in the rap game, from his word play , to his flow on the beats, it’s over all amazing. This isn’t just normal rap songs, this is conscious music for the soul. There isn’t many that can make music this good, let alone it being meaningful. Never lose your spark for music, you’re to good to go unheard. I’ll always have you back throughout any obstacle. I love you and I’m so proud of you.


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