Daily Yinz – Watererer – Toweringly Ambitious Array

Watererer is a bustling, freeform, experimental rock music collective whose debut album, To Finding Out, was released last month.

The music on To Finding Out is a heap of curlicue guitar, clattering percussion, free jazz blowin’, and dazed lyrical snippets. My personal favorite track is ‘Toweringly Ambitious Array,” which sounds like an outtake from Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints sessions. It’s got an odd, shifting time signature, the basis for a guitar riff that gurgles like water through a fast-moving stream and a bass line that pulses purposefully underneath. Watererer mastermind David Bernabo sounds blearily happy when he sings of a “little long rope/tied to all the things I love” and “a bed in a spare room/and two stones from the river.” The imagery is impressionistic and personal, but there’s something about the interaction between vocals and chord progression that clearly communicates an all-encompassing bliss. Midway through, the track morphs into an extended, neo-classical coda of clarinet, sax, and, yes, cowbell(!). Watererer’s kitchen-sink approach pays off, and it makes “Toweringly Ambitious Array” one of the more unique rock-adjacent songs I’ve heard this year.

Check out more from Watererer and follow them on the Zuck Machine

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