Daily Yinz-Watererer-Hauhauhauhaudibble

Watererer is a new musical project from David Bernabo, one of the minds behind the bizarrely funny podcast/improv trio How Things Are Made.

“Hauhauhauhaudibble” is the first single from Watererer’s debut, To Finding Out, due for release in February 2020 on the Ongoing Box label. Although it adheres more closely to traditional rock structure than do How Things Are Made’s freeform freakouts, the song’s relaxed dance groove is punctuated by unusual elements like noodley guitar stabs and boinging jaw harp; thankfully, these folks can never do anything strictly by the books. Bernabo relays a surreally mundane tale of his adventures in a series of backyards; he is chased by a dog and manages to assimilate himself into the fabric of an unknown family. “Hauhauhauhaudibble” is the sound of a laid-back summer stupor.

Check out more from Ongoing Box and follow Watererer on Facebook

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