No Sound Is Out Of The Question – A Q+A With The Abstract Nostalgists of Sneeze Awfull

Provided by artist Sneeze Awfull are an experimental Pittsburgh duo whose musique concrète compositions, assembled using cello and all manner of samples, are by turns melancholy, frightening, head-scratching, and beautiful. Cellist Eric and sonic collagist JF were kind enough to answer some questions for Bored In Pittsburgh. Check it out below: ### Who/what is Sneeze … Continue reading No Sound Is Out Of The Question – A Q+A With The Abstract Nostalgists of Sneeze Awfull

Daily Yinz – Watererer – Toweringly Ambitious Array

Watererer is a bustling, freeform, experimental rock music collective whose debut album, To Finding Out, was released last month. The music on To Finding Out is a heap of curlicue guitar, clattering percussion, free jazz blowin', and dazed lyrical snippets. My personal favorite track is 'Toweringly Ambitious Array," which sounds like an outtake from Paul … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Watererer – Toweringly Ambitious Array

Daily Yinz – Cloning – weighted

Dana Matthiessen's Cloning specializes in electronic sound collages that extend well into musique concrète levels of abstraction. "Weighted" is a track from Cloning's lapses, originally released on cassette last March by the FUC label and available now for download. The album is described by Matthiessen as "the sound of rummaging through electronic trash heaps." As … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Cloning – weighted

Daily Yinz – Prole Volt – Crack In The Keystone

Prole Volt is an experimental musician that uses tape loops, vinyl, keyboards, and field recordings to create chilly, abrasive sound sculptures that manage to retain a human element. "Crack In The Keystone" is a track from Anxiety Tapes & Bridges, Prole Volt's latest release. The song buries a faint melody beneath layers of crackling and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Prole Volt – Crack In The Keystone

Daily Yinz-Watererer-Hauhauhauhaudibble

Watererer is a new musical project from David Bernabo, one of the minds behind the bizarrely funny podcast/improv trio How Things Are Made. "Hauhauhauhaudibble" is the first single from Watererer's debut, To Finding Out, due for release in February 2020 on the Ongoing Box label. Although it adheres more closely to traditional rock structure than … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Watererer-Hauhauhauhaudibble

Daily Yinz-Hemlock for Socrates-Swarm

Hemlock for Socrates is a Pittsburgh duo whose music features operatic vocals set against a backdrop of off-kilter synthpop. "Swarm," a track from the band's newly released paper animals, sounds like the kind of thing one might have heard sung, in some form or another, in a swanky jazz joint back in the '30s. Heather … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Hemlock for Socrates-Swarm