Daily Yinz – Skeletonized Quartet – Your Boring Life

Jazzy noise (noisy jazz?) outfit Skeletonized recruited multi-instrumentalist Nathan Berlinguette for their latest album, Future Shock. Berlinguette's contributions on guitar, synths, and electronics add a sense of creeping dread to Skeletonized's unhinged wallop. The swirling drones and spiraling shards of melody that underpin "Your Boring Life" elevate the song's gnarled thicket of squealing saxophones and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Skeletonized Quartet – Your Boring Life

Daily Yinz – W00DY – Neck Spasm

W00DY creates twitchy, frenetic "dance music for headbangers," blending genres as disparate as breakcore and punk into one supercharged mass. W00DY's most recent album, released via Orange Milk Records, is (fittingly) titled Headbanging In The Club, and it contains a menagerie of off-kilter rhythms, breathless samples, and wobbly bass. "Neck Spasm" has the ability to … Continue reading Daily Yinz – W00DY – Neck Spasm

Daily Yinz – niku daruma – temperance

Niku daruma create piercing, metallic noisescapes; their latest release, arcana I, is described as "experiments in divining." The album introduces the faintest hint of melody to the clanging, grinding, screeching maelstrom that is niku daruma, making for a listen that's as starkly beautiful as it is punishing. "Temperance" begins with zigzags of squelchy noise before … Continue reading Daily Yinz – niku daruma – temperance

Daily Yinz – Eric Weidenhof – Reign for Rest

Eric Weidenhof, an experimental cellist whose isms EP was one of last year's most fascinating local releases, returns with another EP called Phloem. Where isms scrabbled claustrophobically through the darkness, Phloem grandly unfurls itself like a lush, subterranean plant. A discordant sense of unease remains, but the nightmare has transformed into a lucid dream, not … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Eric Weidenhof – Reign for Rest

Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – MAD, BOUNDLESS LOVE

The Universe Online's fourth release this month is a glitchy, mumbly ballad that sounds like it was improvised in the midst of a lonely night, maybe around 3 AM. Where some Universe Online tracks forego vocals, the human voice takes center stage here, mournfully sifting through phrases and thoughts like an internet-dwelling Gertrude Stein overtop … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – MAD, BOUNDLESS LOVE

Daily Yinz – Memory Wound – Lead Moon

Brandon O'Neill's Memory Wound project produces blurry soundscapes created from tape loops, field recordings, found sounds, and more. Memory Wound's April release, Lillian Drip, is by turns peaceful and haunting, beautiful and elusive. Where many of the album's tracks drift by in a dissociative haze, eddying outward like faint ripples on a pond, O'Neill takes … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Memory Wound – Lead Moon

Daily Yinz – adam void – unread #271

Unread is a Pittsburgh label that's been "making tapes from empty aluminum cans since 1994"; they specialize in bizarre outsider stuff, never conventional and always entertaining. Adam void's unread #271 is one of the label's more recent releases. Adam void approaches the record with a gonzo sensibility, using rudimentary home recording tools to create a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – adam void – unread #271

Daily Yinz – LYNXX – Initiation

Experimental synth composer Christian Kriegeskotte recently released The Magi, a mystical multimedia collaboration with visual artist Joel Heires, under his LYNXX moniker. The duo's creative process was symbiotic; Heires would create a painting in response to a LYNXX composition, and then LYNXX would translate another Heires painting into sound, the two mediums playing off each … Continue reading Daily Yinz – LYNXX – Initiation

Daily Yinz – Devon Osamu Tipp and Sarah Alice Steranka – Tokeru Reibo – 溶ける鈴慕

"Tokeru Reibo - 溶ける鈴慕," translated as "Yearning For The Molten Bell," is an experimental flute and piccolo piece composed by Devon Osamu Tipp and performed by Sarah Alice Steranka. The piece, whose sounds are meant to embody the process of melting a silver bell--still ringing--in a crucible, consists of layers of droning and fluttering flute … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Devon Osamu Tipp and Sarah Alice Steranka – Tokeru Reibo – 溶ける鈴慕

Daily Yinz – Brandon Dunlap – Wither Vine

Sciencevision's Brandon Dunlap recorded E.S.R. while isolated in an empty house in West Hartford, CT, sampling the sounds of doorknobs, floorboards, and running water to create a rickety, psychedelic atmosphere. The music on E.S.R. is both stripped-down and wildly inventive, its ramshackle acoustic strums nestled in beds of ambient drones, haunted vocal loops, and clattering … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Brandon Dunlap – Wither Vine