Weekly Wrap-Up 01.27.23

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Veska – I Arise

A volcanic eruption of metallic catharsis that uses molten guitars and roiling drums as a backdrop for defiant, vengeful howls.

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Artwork by Rotting Reign


The Faintest Glow – Uptown Party

Plodding rhythms, swirling, atmospheric guitars, and deadpan vocals make this the most bummed-out space cadet shindig in all of Uptown.

More from The Faintest Glow

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Darkpines – O N D C

Drums pound, glitchy synths chime and boing, and a resigned voice sighs the full version of the song’s title: “Oh no, don’t cry.” LOL this isn’t.

More from Darkpines


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