Weekly Wrap Up 06.27.22

A few (belated) words about a few local tracks that hit the spot last week


JAXYN – Can’t Wait ‘Til Dawn (demo)

Ron Mist-produced dance floor angst that features searing, electrified vocals backed by drum-circle percussion, dramatic synth stabs, and that blipping sound from “Clumsy.” A taste of JAXYN’s MOTH LP, coming later this year.

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NOX BOYS – My Umbrella

Retro garage rocker that combines bratty, Kinks-ian snarl with topsy-turvy psychedelia. Prominent use of a stretchy slide guitar allows notes to be bent to just the right amount of wrong, making for a disorientingly catchy listen.

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Take Me With You – Chameleon

A gleaming rush of 80s drums, nocturnal sunglass synths, theatrical vocals, and heady lyrics that discuss the experience of “living in the pharmakon,” a philosophical concept that I’ve been trying to understand for the past fifteen minutes.

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