Daily Yinz – water armor – My Reflection

Water armor, a side project of FLOOR BABA, sets aside the former’s hyper-expressive video game sounds for something a bit more meditative.

Where FLOOR BABA’s chiptune synths and frenetic beats bring to mind images of sleepover-happy middle schoolers crushing energy drinks, button-mashing XBOX, and hurting themselves on a friend’s trampoline, water armor’s most recent release, 111222333444555666777888999, taps into the wide-eyed wonderment of a high schooler taking a walk through the woods after eating one of the trampoline friend’s special brownies. On opener “My Reflection,” bright, tubular tones dart like small insects while woozy strands of melody hiss and curl underneath; there’s no percussion, so the sounds drift around each other like water droplets sliding down the side of a terrarium.

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