Weekly Wrap Up 06.27.22

A few (belated) words about a few local tracks that hit the spot last week ### JAXYN - Can't Wait 'Til Dawn (demo) Ron Mist-produced dance floor angst that features searing, electrified vocals backed by drum-circle percussion, dramatic synth stabs, and that blipping sound from "Clumsy." A taste of JAXYN's MOTH LP, coming later this … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up 06.27.22


Daily Yinz – Take Me With You – Stranger

80's-throwback quartet Take Me With You have beefed up their sound since last year's a building, a dreaming, that album's skeletal, synth-coated tundra blooming into a rich landscape on the band's new single, Stranger/Aluminum. As soon as "Stranger" begins with pizzicato plucks and swirling, digital strings, you know it's a whole new ballgame for TMWY. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Take Me With You – Stranger

Daily Discovery-Take Me With You-The Mercy Fight

Today's find is a slice of retro new wave-y synth pop from Pittsburgh's own Take Me With You. "The Mercy Fight," the opener from the group's recent release a building, a dreaming, combines thunderous Joy Division drums (saturated in gated reverb, of course) and Kraftwerk synthesizers to form an anthemic jam that wouldn't sound out … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Take Me With You-The Mercy Fight