Weekly Wrap-Up 06.17.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Reliable Child – Wasted Time

Swooning romance rocker that contains enough twang to evoke images of firefly-lit slow dances on dusty dirt roads, but not enough twang to destroy Heinz Field’s parking lot. So, just the right amount of twang. Soaring violins add an extra layer of richness.

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Dan Styslinger – Roman Numerals

Goofy, danceable pop track, full of dinky keyboard tones and funky guitars, whose lyrics vacillate between deadpan come-ons (“You got it/I don’t know what it is/But you have it”) and Bill & Ted-style musings (“Do you think neanderthals had pop stars?/I guess they’d be rock stars/I guess they’d be heavy metal”).

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Yoko Haze x Trapgurl Rea – FNF (Remix)

Two emcees with sharp pens and even sharper tongues team up to pay homage to Glorilla’s gleefully dismissive original. Potential DMers beware; if you’re not careful, Yoko and Trapgurl will burn you to a crisp with nothing more than a beat and a mic.

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