Daily Yinz – Betsy Schmeler and Benito Countouris – Two Chord Song

Two former Wild Blue Yonderers join forces for an EP of smeary, stripped-down pop music.

Fittingly, the EP’s first track is called “Two Chord Song,” and it’s a twee-as-can-be proclamation of devotion that sees Schmeler pledge, “Just know I don’t want no one else,” to a person with whom she shares moments both carefree (“The way you go dancing with your hands on your hips”) and somber (“Maybe I’ll notice when you’re falling apart/Maybe I’ll share it if the feeling is dark”). The two chords in question are sustained by purring organ and gentle guitar, the instruments trading off so that one anchors as the other noodles. Add in a warm guitar solo near the end–one that brings to mind images of Duane Allman smoking a cigarette at an Oakland basement venue–and you’ve got yourself an irresistible little tune.

Check out more from Betsy Schmeler and Benito Countouris, and follow them both social media


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