Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Move Through 2.0

Pittsburgh-to-NYC transplant Corrine Jasmin remixes “Move Through,” the second half of a two-part track from her standout 2021 release, Fever Dream Insomniac.

Where the original “Move Through,” a pillowy jazz-house cut featuring free associative, pitch-shifted vocals, is introduced by “Let Go,” a spoken word segment that muses on the enervating effects of unbalanced relationships, the remix hits the dance floor straightaway. The jazzy elements are replaced by ravey ones–squelching bass, metallic clanks, and phosphorescent synth washes factor heavily–and Jasmin, voice still altered wonkily, fits her words into a tighter rhythmic structure. The central phrase remains the same (“Move through the grief”), and the persistent pulse of the beat serves as a motivator to keep pushing forward.

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