Daily Yinz – Partly Sunny – GOD BLESS

Partly Sunny, comprising Alex Gleue and Zach Bronder (Bat Zuppel, Slow Bluff, Flower Crown, Astrology Now, Good Sport), recently released Fesh, which features Rave Ami‘s Evan Meindl on drums.

Partly Sunny (and I have to take a minute to appreciate their name, because it is the most appropriate Pittsburgh moniker I’ve ever heard) play a brand of guitar music even noisier and woolier than that produced by Bronder’s other reverb- and fuzz-heavy groups. “GOD BLESS,” a hard-driving track that builds and releases tension through the interplay between adrenalized riffs and taught bass runs, features echoing vocal howls so demonically raw that they could be emanating from a fiery underground cavern out of a Lovecraft story. Partly Sunny don’t need to reinvent the wheel here; they just burn the rubber straight off.

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