Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – The Other Side

Psych-rockers Sober Clones recently released a 27-track behemoth called Maggots Turn to Flies.

Maggots contains such an array of styles–washed-out funk, crusty punk, swirling daydreamery– that it’s tough to pick one track that represents the entire project. That being said, “The Other Side” is a personal favorite. A noisy, exuberant burst of dance floor drums, glittering synths, speaker-shattering shouts, and giddy guitar riffs, it sounds like a Franz Ferdinand demo that’s been fried in battery acid. That is, until about two minutes in, when the song morphs into a puddle of gurgling keyboard tones and warped vocals that would be amorphous if not for the crack of the drums guiding it along. The shift from hyper to tranquil happens abruptly, but in the context of Maggots‘ zonked-out logic, it works. Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire album.

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