Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Enough

Psychedelic blues guitarist/producer Leila Rhodes supports Pittsburgh's Bukit Bail Fund with her single "Enough." The track is just over two minutes long, its sense of anger filtered through a weary haze. Over a steady drumbeat and a sea of vocal overdubs, accented by the occasional, scorching guitar lick, Rhodes calls out the police officers who … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Enough

Daily Yinz – Carnival Room – 1000 Mirrors

Carnival Room are a Pittsburgh duo that crafts little nuggets of lo-fi psychedelic music. Carnival Room's latest release, Mirrors Have Eyes, dropped on leap day, and it contains noisy jet-stream pop, soporific chillout balladry, and everything in between. "1000 Mirrors" (that must mean a lot of eyes), a track built around a lonely drum machine, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Carnival Room – 1000 Mirrors

Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan

Pittsburgh janglers Glam Hand are back with a new EP called Glum Hum, the title of which is a synonym for the phrase "downcast music," which is kind of what Glam Hand makes. Calling Glam Hand a downer band would be reductive, though; the group shades its gentle slack-rockers with chaotic bursts of psychedelia and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan

Daily Discovery-HogBarber-Witch’s Ingredients

Washington, DC's HogBarber is a solo artist who makes "psychedelic dream pop, mixed with a bunch of other cool sounds." HogBarber's new album Witch's Ingredients is presented in the form of one extended track, meant to be consumed in one sitting. At different points tranquil, irreverent, and noisy, the project ushers you on a journey … Continue reading Daily Discovery-HogBarber-Witch’s Ingredients

Daily Listen-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Neon Syrup For The Cemetery Sisters

Today's listen comes from some fellow yinzers (that's what Pittsburghians call themselves, although I can't really claim to be a yinzer yet since I've only lived here for a year). Black Moth Super Rainbow (or BMSR) are an unabashedly psychedelic experimental group that includes or has included musicians with names such as Tobacco, The Seven … Continue reading Daily Listen-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Neon Syrup For The Cemetery Sisters