Daily Yinz – Buffalo Rose – Runaway

Buffalo Rose’s upcoming project, Rabbit, features contributions from legendary folk singer Tom Paxton.

Rabbit‘s lead single, “Runaway,” builds and releases tension through the use of simmering, palm-muted chords that explode into bursts of slide guitar and mandolin. The song is rhythmic, even without percussion, and the murmurs of assent that follow some particularly satisfying licks establish a jam session atmosphere. Voices, intertwined in joyous harmony, follow the instrumental’s vicissitudes, celebrating the messiness that comes with human connection; vocalists Lucy Clabby and Margot Jezerc quip, “I know you always think you know what I’m always thinking/Think you’re always wrong but, honey, that’s ok.” The lyrics acknowledge the inherent absurdity of romantic commitment (“Forever’s just a long, long way to go”), but dispel the idea’s gravity by pointing out the absurdity of everything else (“I’m sick of planning everything/Reality is just a daydream”). Buffalo Rose’s proposed protection against the hazard of love is compellingly simple: “Don’t let go.”

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