Weekly Wrap-Up 02.04.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week.


Flash J – Bad Trip

Tuneful hip-hop that simultaneously channels Kid Cudi and Chief Keef. Flash J, popping Advils after a negative chemical experience, stays committed to his work despite a broken heart. The instrumental’s desolate whistling evokes an early morning stroll through the Sea of Tranquility.

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Laika, The Astro-Hound – Christmas at the Casino at the Mall (War is Over!)

Christmas season has passed, but since the holiday has become just another instrument of capital, this bleepy Christmas tune, full of gambling, arbitrary spending, and depression, is appropriate for any time of the year!

More from Laika, The Astro-Hound

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Skeletonized – I Can’t Stay Away

Experimental trio’s noise-jazz script is flipped by the addition of guest singer Paulette Poullet, whose jagged caterwaul adds a throwback, rockabilly tinge to a synth-blanketed drum workout.

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