Daily Yinz – Driving While Black Records – Love & Trust

DWB labelmates Jordan Montgomery, JM the Poet, and Livefromthecity join forces for Back In Business, their first collaborative EP since 2019’s Support Black Business.

Like the rest of the EP, lead single “Love & Trust” is produced by Live himself, operating under his Low Key Flame tag. The track’s instrumental is simple–nothing more than a rumbling low end garnished with tinny strands of melody–but it hits hard, and evokes the sensation of a hooptie’s trunk rattling; as Live describes, “It got a different sound to it/It got some bounce to it.” The three emcees trade bars back and forth, with Live delivering chest-thumping, entrepreneurial boasts (“They say the music too loud, but they cannot kick us out, ‘cuz we own the property”), JM mocking doubters like Mac and Charlie on Sunny (“Damn, what a shame/You spent your quarantine up in the house and you think I’m to blame”), and Montgomery adopting a pun-heavy, rope-skipping cadence (“Takin’ notes/Bubble coat/Out of touch like Hall & Oates/Tag team like we Hall and Nash/Y’all throwing stones in walls of glass”). As usual, the DWB crew shares the mic effortlessly, each member popping in and exiting at just the right time. Stay tuned for Back In Business, due out in full on 2/11.

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