Daily Yinz – County Conservation District – Phillip Jeffries

Stephen Matejka’s County Conservation District project morphed into its most accessible iteration yet with June’s Some Fear.

Inspired by a range of producers and composers, the tape evokes images of blue screens flickering late at night, images of old video games and B-movies flashing by at random. “Phillip Jeffries,” named for a Twin Peaks character portrayed by both David Bowie and a giant tea kettle, begins with gritty tones, faint keyboard loops, and unnerving vocal samples that seem to issue forth from a murky void. The track gradually drifts to more soothing climes, as a cloud of digitized drones rises from the depths and envelops everything in a pleasantly sleepy haze. Ghostly birds continue to call from the background, their cries more lulling than they are menacing, as the track eventually fades into silence. For an even more textured listen, pick up a physical copy of Some Fear on cassette.

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