Daily Yinz – Skeletonized Quartet – Your Boring Life

Jazzy noise (noisy jazz?) outfit Skeletonized recruited multi-instrumentalist Nathan Berlinguette for their latest album, Future Shock.

Berlinguette’s contributions on guitar, synths, and electronics add a sense of creeping dread to Skeletonized’s unhinged wallop. The swirling drones and spiraling shards of melody that underpin “Your Boring Life” elevate the song’s gnarled thicket of squealing saxophones and roiling blastbeats from simply chaotic to downright apocalyptic. The clamor subsides near the end of the track, giving the more atmospheric instruments space to hang in the air like smog over a desolate plain. Skeletonized have once again proved themselves as masters of organized bedlam.

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