Daily Yinz – Lindsay Dragan – Everywhere

Self-described “garage-folk” artist Lindsay Dragan returns with “Everywhere,” a soaring rocker that reaches for transcendence in the face of hardship.

The track is led by a propulsive rhythm section, airy guitar arpeggios, and a wistful violin motif that mirrors the song’s central vocal refrain, a belted “It’s everywheeeere” that seems to encompass a life’s worth of yearning. Dragan’s voice echoes into a vast expanse as she longs to be lifted “off of these boards of despair” and sings of her decision to “put the fire away” from the slash-and-burn lifestyle of her younger days when presented with true adversity. Her second verse decries violence abroad and at home; she urges our leaders to “put the war away now, you know nobody wins” and questions the so-called 2nd Amendment lobby, “Is it enough for you? These rivers of blood? Of children all innocent, to satisfy your gun?” The song is more humanist lament that political screed, though, as Dragan drives home her points by pleading, “Look me in the eye and tell me I mean something.” In a world full of ugliness, “Everywhere” strives for something greater.

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