Daily Yinz-Schwarzchild-Curvature

Karl Schwarzchild was a German physicist and astronomer; it’s only logical that an artist bearing the same name would make otherworldly ambient music.

Schwarzchild’s new release, Saturnian Dawn, takes the cosmic sense of awe that drove Brian Eno’s Apollo and filters it through the unfolding melodic pulses of Pop-era Gas and the abstract jazzscapes of Biosphere circa-2006. Schwarzchild introduces “Curvature” with drifting clouds of ethereal melody and quivering synthesizers before distilling everything down to a lonely melodic loop; it feels like we’ve passed through the outer atmosphere of a gas giant and now hover above the planet, dwarfed by its alien enormity. The track builds itself back up over its final five minutes, the gravitational pull of the melody slowly increasing so that it builds in velocity each time it loops back around, the intensity escalating before everything just ends on a ghostly synth pad hit that fades into nothingness, shot out of orbit and once more into the depths of space. Go for a quick Monday voyage around Saturn with “Curvature.”

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