Stare At Your Shoes-Isobella-Olive

Isobella were a shoegaze group that formed in Tampa, FL in the late 90’s; the band’s frosty ballads, imbued with a stately sense of grandeur, do not reflect their subtropical origins. One such ballad, “Olive” is the opener to Isobella’s 2001 release, A 24 Syllable Haiku. Haikus usually have 17 syllables total (5, 7, 5), so a 24-syllable haiku must have an extra 7 tacked on at the end. Here is one about this track:

Laura Poinsette’s voice

Rests atop sparkling guitar

Dream pop and shoegaze

It’s Cocteau Twins meets Slowdive

Not a good haiku by any means, but “Olive” is a good song, so check it out.


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