Daily Yinz-Vendor Dog-the high school english department’s twitter account

Vendor Dog is the solo venture of an unidentified Pittsburgh man who only works on the project while drunk. A special thanks is given by the artist to “1x Booker’s Bourbon” for its contribution to the still-in-progress album Wilhelm’s Dream.

“The high school english department’s twitter account” is the instrumental opening track on Wilhelm’s Dream, and despite its ever-so-slightly slapdash central chord progression, I would not have guessed that its mixing and recording took place entirely in a state induced by a minimum of four drinks. Two distinct and intricate guitar lines snake their way through the song’s passages, and a little studio (or bedroom, I suppose) trickery is included in the form of some reversed notes sprinkled throughout. The song and artist’s irreverent sense of messy fun reminds me of the late-70’s/early-80’s Swiss punk band Kleenex/LiLiPUT, albeit without vocals or lyrics (I might be reaching, but it’s the comp that first popped into my head). Even if you the music isn’t for you, there’s a bug-eyed cat in a bathtub on the cover of the album, which is excellent on its own.

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