Daily Yinz-Düne Kankel-Ceremonial Dirge

Düne Kankel is a Pittsburgh artist whose music floats, drifts, grinds, and roars, sometimes all at once.

Their new album, Side Stepping The Abyss, released this week on Mirkwood Recordings, is built upon walls of harsh noise and tunnels of droning guitar; adorning these foundational elements are some unusual sonic accoutrements. “Ceremonial Dirge” is one of the shorter tracks on the album, clocking in at around two and half minutes. Queasy washes of melody flicker uneasily in the foreground, while individual notes punctuate the background like distant traffic on a rainy day. Eventually, maracas and crystalline bell tones enter the picture; it does in fact feel like you’ve accidentally stumbled upon some secretive, possibly occult, ritual. It’s like Midori Takada decided to go noise for a few minutes, and it’s pretty great. Düne Kankel may have sidestepped the abyss on this album, but their music plunges the listener in headfirst.

Check out the rest of Side Stepping The Abyss and Düne Kankel’s 2017 release Impermanence

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