Daily Discovery-WAKE IN JUNE-Engrams

Today’s find, “Engrams,” comes from lavender pink, the new release from Padua, Italy’s resident dream popper WAKE IN JUNE. An engram is a fancy word for a physical memory trace in the brain, and it’s a good title for this hazy, wistful song, whose impressionistic lyrics and delightfully fuzzy layers of sound make the track feel like a pastel sketch of a faintly-remembered scene from long ago. A sample of the lyrics: “Black cat in your car/Morning storm.” Only WAKE IN JUNE knows what this line means, and I like the fact that the song remains mysterious and personal to the artist. The instrumental is right up my alley, all propulsive drums and guitars that alternately twinkle and buzz. Apparently, the guy behind WAKE IN JUNE recorded everything by himself, in his bedroom, and designed the “shitty artwork” (that’s his description, I happen to like it). Color me impressed.

Check out more from WAKE IN JUNE: https://wakeinjune.bandcamp.com/

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