Daily Discovery-Isobel Thatcher-Carry You

Today’s find, “Carry You,” is a slice of breezy pop music from the March release On My Own by English singer-songwriter Isobel Thatcher. It’s a nice change of pace from some of the gloomier songs featured on this site, especially for a Monday on which I just finished working for 11 hours straight. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes I like to come home and wallow in self pity, but today I wanted to be cheered up, and this song did the trick. A fairly straightforward soft rock track in the vein of Jason Mraz or Train, “Carry You” is elevated by a Clarence Clemons-esque saxophone feature (courtesy of Isobel’s brother Dominic Thatcher), an irresistibly catchy chorus melody, and, above all, Thatcher’s vocal delivery, simultaneously compassionate and effortless. The song’s lyrics detail the peaks and valleys of a long relationship, but ultimately land on Thatcher’s promise to “carry you back home into my heart,” no matter the circumstance. The song is optimistic without being unrealistic and sentimental without falling into cheesy territory; it seems to come from a place of genuine warmth. A perfect listen if you need a pick-me-up; I put it on after cracking a beer and breaking out some stinky cheese, and must admit that this day didn’t turn out half-badly.

Listen to more from Isobel Thatcher: https://isobelthatchermusic.bandcamp.com/


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