Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine

Pat Coyle is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who makes introspective guitar ballads tinged with a subtle electronic sheen, the organic and digital joining forces to support a truly arresting voice. "The Machine," the first track on Coyle's newly released Iridescent Cues, opens with swirls of reversed synth and ghostly melodic whispers underpinned by a beat that … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine


Daily Discovery-Hajile-Playing With A Witch

Today's post is the first one being written from my new apartment; Bored In Pittsburgh was inactive for a few days because I was in the process of moving everything from South Oakland to Polish Hill, a vertical maze of streets and stairways tucked away on the slopes above the trendier Lawrenceville. Time to get … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Hajile-Playing With A Witch

Daily Discovery-WAKE IN JUNE-Engrams

Today's find, "Engrams," comes from lavender pink, the new release from Padua, Italy's resident dream popper WAKE IN JUNE. An engram is a fancy word for a physical memory trace in the brain, and it's a good title for this hazy, wistful song, whose impressionistic lyrics and delightfully fuzzy layers of sound make the track … Continue reading Daily Discovery-WAKE IN JUNE-Engrams

Daily Discovery-Blossom Wash-Looking For An Answer

Today's find, "Looking For An Answer," is a hazy slice of bedroom pop from the Rico, Colorado duo Blossom Wash off their new release Washed (Waffle Press Records). The track is led by jaunty piano chords that sound as though they're coming straight out of a saloon scene from the first movie to ever feature … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Blossom Wash-Looking For An Answer