Weekly Wrap-Up 04.29.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Sommelier – Alt Weakly

A sinister waltz that sounds like Muse performing a Danny Elfman-penned Off-Broadway musical centering on a struggling lounge singer hellbent on vengeance against those who have overlooked him.

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fern – same side (guda)

A digital sugar rush–chopped and warped until detached auto-croons and woozy bass blend together in a dizzying blur–that injects itself directly into the brain’s pleasure centers.

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Kush Tiger – Stoned Cold Sativaustin

A doomy stoner diss track, courtesy of two of the Short Fictions folks, that pulls its name from the infamous WWE figure. Over low-slung riffs, a ghoulish, pitched-down voice intones, “You’re clocking shifts/I stay at home taking bong rips.” Unabashedly goofy fun that also crushes.


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