Daily Yinz – Deej – Deejor

Oddball R&B artist and rapper Deej recently released, “Deejor,” a single that exudes subdued swagger.

There’s a point on “Deejor” at which Deej, addressing a dude over his proclivities for messing around while out of town, murmurs, “They don’t know you like I do.” On a lesser track, the line might function as a plea for this guy to ignore temptation and return to the heartsick woman wasting away at home. But this is a Deej song, so she immediately follows with a casual uppercut: “They don’t know you’re full of shit.” Evidently, this is not a torch ballad. Watery synths flit around faint percussion, creating a melodic house of mirrors through which Deej slinks, admiring herself and throwing the middle finger at wannabe suitors who “don’t know how to act.” The accompanying video incorporates fisheye camera shots and comic strip aesthetics for a suitably psychedelic visual experience.

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