Weekly Wrap-Up 02.11.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


SUREFIRE – 10,000 Miles (ft. The Living Street)

Collaboration between rockers and folkier rockers produces a lighters-in-the-air, hair-blowing-in-wind power ballad. Had me nostalgic for high school afternoons spent tuning in to the local Top 40 station hoping for a few staticky moments of The Fray or Lifehouse.

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The Plat Maps – The Orchid and the Octapus

Courtesy of musician Kurt Garrison and Harrisburg’s Ear At The Rail Recordings, here’s a vast expanse of ambling guitar riffs, disorienting feedback, lazy bass, grainy vocals, and cavernous drums. What does it all mean? Only the Octapus knows.

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☆彡DragonCentury99- Lunar Towne

It is night. You sit on a glass house in the middle of a forest, on hold with an AI customer service representative from a large corporation that makes nothing and sells nothing; it exists simply to exist. Outside, glowing caterpillars dance from silk threads affixed to tree branches. You are happy.

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