Daily Yinz – DJ Workaholic – Really Nasty

DJ Workaholic specializes in a frenetic, supercharged style of electronic music known as “happy hardcore.”

Workaholic’s new EP, Phosphene (released via the Metamind Artistry Collective) contains sugary synths, caffeinated tempos, and gobs of monstrous bass. “Really Nasty,” a track built around pounding, merciless drum programming, bludgeons you over the head with a two-note hook (not sure what else to call it) that sounds like a horde of giant, metallic serpents writhing around a major metropolis. So, like a Transformers movie. It’s a Transformers movie translated into pure sound. If you like your breakbeats speedy and your low-end crushing, this one is for you.

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Check out more from Metamind Artistry Collective and follow on social media


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