Daily Yinz – Sciencevision – Learned from Inversion

On their latest album, Reality Tunnels, Pittsburgh dreamers Sciencevision augment vintage rock tunes with funhouse sonic flourishes and space-age interludes.

Take late album highlight “Learned from Inversion,” for example. Its moody, descending melody, propulsive bass groove, and choppy guitar chords recall Rubber Soul-era Beatles (and associated Rickenbacker-toting acts), but the rock ‘n’ roll meat and potatoes are flavored with disorienting wisps of organ-like guitar (or is it guitar-like organ?), afterburner solos, staticky vocal effects, and an echo chamber’s worth of reverb. The song’s chorus tells us, “You can only go so far/In a carbon dated car.” Reality Tunnels shows Sciencevision taking that sentiment to heart, using the classic rock building blocks to get “so far,” and then blasting everything into the solar system on a technicolor spacecraft. Enjoy the ride.

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