Daily Discovery 05.07.20

Fossil Hunting Collective – The Return to Clocks

Ontario ambient artist Fossil Hunting Collective is back with Aperture, a full-length released as part of Whitelabrecs‘s Home Diaries series. The slowly eddying guitar chords and spindly drone note that anchor “The Return to Clocks” could soundtrack a mournful Western, one that takes place not in the American Southwest, but in the sprawling expanses of snow and ice found up North. Listen and imagine a lone figure riding their polar bear into the midnight sunset.


Sharada Shashidhar – Messages

Brooklyn-based jazz vocalist Sharada Shashidhar is set to release her debut album, Rahu (Leaving Records), a collaboration with Stones Throw’s Jamael Dean, next week. “Messages,” a single available now, showcases Shashidhar’s voice, a delicate, satiny instrument that sounds like it exists outside of time or musical era. It melds with the song’s understated instrumental to form one continuous, mystical entity.


Big Heet – Palo Santo

Philadelphia trio Big Heet creates cacophonous music that walks the line between crusty punk and straight-up noise. “Palo Santo,” from the group’s latest album, Hiss, is truly discordant, as thunderous drums and pummeling guitar riffs clash against each other in a blown-out chamber of sound. There are lyrics in there somewhere; I caught the year “1929” mentioned a few times. Whatever is happening here, it’s a thrill to experience.



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