Daily Discovery-Glo Phase-Unraveling

Today’s find, “Unraveling,” is a thumper from Glo Phase (the solo project of Pittsburgh’s own Joseph Rusnak) off his recently released album Fall Deep. The song draws from the head nodding, four-on-the-floor rhythms and muted melodic accents of deep house, with a dash of chillwave’s pillowy keyboard cushions. When you add Jocelyn Rent’s vocals into the mix, the song takes on some of the flavor of an early 2010’s Ellie Goulding track, albeit subtle and slow-building rather than blatantly anthemic and sugary. Rent’s unhurried performance, enhanced by some slight, glitchy vocal manipulation at a few points, conveys the feeling of a blissed-out night on some pastel shaded dance floor in Europe (or maybe just one of the less aggressive bars/clubs on Pittsburgh’s South Side; I don’t really leave my apartment, much less go clubbing, so I don’t have a specific example). The musical thread that I particularly enjoyed following here was the chunky rubber band of a bass line, which recalls some of Dan Snaith’s best work as Caribou. Sure enough, “Unraveling” builds to a euphoric climax of dirty 8-bits and squiggly synths that would not sound out of place on Snaith’s 2010 classic Swim. Overall a relaxing, yet energetic listen on this fine Tuesday morning.

Check out more from Glo Phase: https://glophase.bandcamp.com/

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