Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Into the Quartz Era

Pittsburgh producer Glo Phase follows up January's slightly psychedelic Mezzotint with a downtempo release called Pearl Diving. Even though life has gotten a biiit more stressful since Mezzotint dropped nine long months ago, Pearl Diving is a serene record, evoking the sensation of floating in a still lagoon, glittering sunlight refracted from above through layers … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Into the Quartz Era

Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)

Veteran Pittsburgh producer BusCrates teases his upcoming LP, Blasting Off (Bastard Jazz), with the ebullient lead single "How Ya Gonna Do It." The song taps into the classic funk energy that hangs in the air all around us, bringing to mind images of a time (well before I was born, mind you) that featured perms, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)

Changing And Evolving Over Time – A Q+A With Joseph Rusnak of Glo Phase

Photo provided by artist Glo Phase (real name Joseph Rusnak) creates pulsing, textured electronic music that plunges the listener into a golden hour environment for the eardrums, wherein winking sunlight and encroaching shadows intermingle freely. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for Bored In Pittsburgh; check it out below. ### First off, … Continue reading Changing And Evolving Over Time – A Q+A With Joseph Rusnak of Glo Phase

Daily Yinz-Ali Berger-Microbial Corrosion

Ali Berger is an acid house DJ, recently relocated to Pittsburgh, who delivers hefty doses of gleeful experimentation over relentless dance beats. "Microbial Corrosion" is a track from Berger's August release Sump Pump, his first for Spectral Sounds, a dance-centric offshoot of the Ghostly International label. The song is structured around a steady, repeating series … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Ali Berger-Microbial Corrosion

Daily Yinz-Akono Miles-Unfazed

Akono Miles is a Pittsburgh producer who tosses vocal samples around like boomerangs, maintaining a sense of controlled chaos inside his intricately melodic beats. "Unfazed" is the first single released from Miles' upcoming album Room Temperature. Despite the, ahem, tepid album title, Miles brings the heat with this one. The track begins, in classic Miles … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Akono Miles-Unfazed

Daily Discovery-Glo Phase-Unraveling

Today's find, "Unraveling," is a thumper from Glo Phase (the solo project of Pittsburgh's own Joseph Rusnak) off his recently released album Fall Deep. The song draws from the head nodding, four-on-the-floor rhythms and muted melodic accents of deep house, with a dash of chillwave's pillowy keyboard cushions. When you add Jocelyn Rent's vocals into … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Glo Phase-Unraveling

Daily Listen-Air France-Collapsing At Your Doorstep

Air France is a group that I've loved for a while now, one that I wish had released more music before it dissolved a few years ago. Luckily, the Swedish duo left us with the excellent, albeit brief, 2008 album No Way Down (Sincerely Yours), which features "Collapsing At Your Doorstep," a song that I … Continue reading Daily Listen-Air France-Collapsing At Your Doorstep

Daily Discovery-dj haram-Gemini Rising

Today's find is the first track released off the upcoming Grace EP, by Philadelphia, PA-based electronic musician dj haram. "Gemini Rising" is a study in potential energy, somehow accomplishing the near-impossible task of building ever upward without bleeding away tension as it goes. The track follows an airy synthesizer lead that snakes menacing through a … Continue reading Daily Discovery-dj haram-Gemini Rising