Daily Discovery-The Petals-Mercy Kill

Today’s find is the newly-released single “Mercy Kill” from Pittsburgh(!) indie outfit The Petals. The song begins with the line, “Population dwindling in the city of dreams/I was born here, will die here,” and I’m really hoping the city in question isn’t Pittsburgh, since I just moved here a year ago, have liked it so far, and am definitely not ready for it to become a dead end town. (I’ll probably stick around either way, honestly). The first half of the song is rambling, mellow, and slightly downcast, with a waltzing clean guitar line navigating a series of stop-and-start drum beats ‘n’ fills. Then, about halfway through, the guitarist jacks up the distortion, and the band barrels headlong into anthemic power pop mode. You can’t help but pump your first and headbang while your cat watches with a stone-faced scowl (you’ll just have to imagine the last part if you don’t have a cat). I spent about 10 minutes racking my brain trying to think of what band The Petals remind me of; I came up with (and discarded) The Killers, Foo Fighters, The Swellers, Weezer, Titus Andronicus, and a few others, until –eureka!--it came to me. “Mercy Kill,” especially the rousing second act, reminds me of Scottish trio Biffy Clyro, one of my absolute favorite bands, and a group that also specializes in hard-driving, catchy tunes like this one. Having figured that out, I can eat my dinner in peace. The Petals are recommended for fans of Biffy Clyro, any of the aforementioned bands, or just rock in general.

Check out more from The Petals: https://thepetalsband.bandcamp.com/

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