Weekly Wrap-Up 02.10.23

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Ex Pilots – Red Tape

A tin-can piano ballad that starts off tender and gathers steam until guitars roar to life–jet engines ready for takeoff–and blast things into the hazy upper atmosphere.

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Artwork: “Gas Crater” by Ethan Oliva


Deej – take ur time x2

Delicate synths and breathy vocal flutters make for some gentle flexing; so good that it gets pitched down and run back a second time.

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vv ii ss ii oo nn – I’m Going To Do Everything I Can

20-minute modular synth exploration plays like an audio track ripped from a transdimensional sitcom.

More from vv ii ss ii oo nn at the Ongoing Box label

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Artwork: David Bernabo


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