Weekly Wrap-Up 07.08.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


VO2K – A Different Me

Concise, off-kilter hip-hop–built around a carefree horn sample and a stumbling drum pattern–featuring easy flows that outline a life spent striving outside the context of the rat race. Video by The Reel Cousins.

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G.R. Zombie – sad america

Grimy, nightmarish trap instrumental that lumbers and lurches like a horned beast summoned from the depths of some disused mine shaft. Ghoul screams are included for good measure.

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Darkpines – Bodydies (Realhumdrums)

Blurry, glitchy ballad that augments passionately sung vocals with bombastic synth accents. The wordless second half of the track goes to some truly unusual places, including procedurally-generated garden, free jazz keyboard session, and car demolition scrapyard.

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