Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – The Girl From Topeka

In advance of their upcoming album, Ride the Dark Trail, The Mixus Brothers recently released a sepia-toned single called “The Girl From Topeka.”

The track contains The Mixus Brothers’ signature elements–rollicking strums, ramshackle vocal harmonies, toe-tapping percussion–but fleshes them out with strands of electric guitar (courtesy of one “EZ Mixus”) that wink and glitter like water droplets caught in a sunbeam. The lyrics tell of a meet-cute with a mysterious woman from Kansas; things seem great at first, but trouble haunts this intriguing figure’s past, present, and future, so the narrator, naturally, is left alone in the end, with nothing but unmade memories to keep him company. Rather than mope, though, he sums up the situation with an unassuming, “Life can be a son of a gun.” The guitar solo that separates the penultimate and final verses encapsulates the feel of the song: pining, but carefree despite it all.

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One thought on “Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – The Girl From Topeka

  1. Thank you for taking the time to listen BIP and for also your eloquent words…as always The Mixus Brothers are incredibly appreciative of your insight and in depth review!! Keep up the good work!!


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