Weekly Wrap-Up 02.25.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Cpt. Bisquick – Drinking Cup

Deadpan, hyper-literate rock that periodically jolts itself out of a folksy sway using bursts of atonal guitar, background vocal chatter, and one excellent Spongebob scream. Reminds me fondly of Cake‘s absurdist, cubicle-core musings.

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Pink Gin Marimbas – Crumbling Spires

When people say that something is childlike, they often mean that it’s cutesy. The experience of being a child isn’t cute, though; it’s a raw, overwhelming experience full of big feelings and runaway imagination. Pink Gin Marimbas taps into the true essence of childhood using noisy, colorful instrumental swells that suggest epic daydreams and afternoons spent exploring.

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Manny Dibiachi – Sweet As You

Swooning hip-hop that uses expressive flows and loves-me, loves-me-not lyrics to paint a Valentine’s day picture for the era of Instagram stalking and phone locks. Bonus points for the distorted, scornful outro that flips the track’s central sentiment on its head.

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