Daily Discovery-Dyr Faser-Not The Other Side Again

Today’s find is “Not The Other Side Again” by the Boston, MA duo Dyr Faser, the first track released from the upcoming album Private Islands. Amelia May’s guitar work is the defining feature, a shimmering, freeform haze that swirls around a ticking, electronic bossa nova beat as if being blown by a lazy breeze. May also contributes vocals, which are coated in so many effects that it renders most lyrics indecipherable. Her singing style hearkens back to the dark, dour sound of early goth, and the layers of echoey reverb only reinforce the comparison. Eric Boomhower contributes a meandering bass line, which anchors the spacious, airy instrumental. Overall, the scene conjured by “Not The Other Side Again” is that of a dimly lit, underground cafe in some small town in Brazil, populated by coffee-drinking, dark-clothed pale people swaying to a grim tropical rhythm. Dyr Fraser may have invented a new genre here: Gotha Nova (terrible pun, I apologize). Perfect song for this gray, damp Sunday.

Listen to more Dyr Fraser: https://dyrfaser.bandcamp.com/


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