Daily Discovery-Finding Milo-Good Talk Kid (My Friends)

I feel like I’ve been posting some mournful songs over the past few Mondays; I think it’s my subconscious rejecting the beginning of the work week. Today’s song can be found on the newly released Sputnik by California duo Finding Milo. “Good Talk Kid (My Friends)” is striking in its vulnerability; consisting of not much more than a gently-strummed guitar and the sighing vocals of Bella Reyes, the song’s lyrics convey a sense of resigned loneliness. Anyone who has ever been depressed can probably relate to the experience of craving social contact but pushing it away when it’s offered; the song elegantly sums it up with the refrain, “How are you?/I’m doing fine/Next time.” The minimalist nature of the song really accentuates Reyes’s layered harmonies that come floating in near the end of the song. The song is straightforward but affecting, kinda reminds me of Cat Power in that way.

Check out more from Finding Milo: https://findingmilo.bandcamp.com/

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