Daily Listen-Underoath-Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear

For some reason, this evening found me browsing through some of my old favorites from the "Christian metal" genre. It's ironic that pearl-clutching religious conservatives are often the people who try to blame the ills of modern society (at least partially) on music from artists like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson, when devout bands like Underoath … Continue reading Daily Listen-Underoath-Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear

Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III

I usually spotlight uplifting, relaxing, or warmly hazy fare on Fridays; "Keasbey Nights III," off Canadian punk band Albatros's newly released Futile (No Funeral Records), certainly breaks from this tradition. The song brings some seriously aggressive energy to the table, all jagged guitar riffs and Tasmanian Devil-like drum fills. That is, until a horn section … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III

Daily Discovery-Mirage-Prism

I have a huge soft spot for all things screamo/emo/hardcore/metal/etc; I used to listen to a ton of that stuff in high school (much to my mom's chagrin--Happy Mother's Day, by the way!) because the anguished shouts and impassioned, soaring choruses matched the absurd levels of conflicting emotions that came with being an angsty teen. … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Mirage-Prism