Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III

I usually spotlight uplifting, relaxing, or warmly hazy fare on Fridays; “Keasbey Nights III,” off Canadian punk band Albatros’s newly released Futile (No Funeral Records), certainly breaks from this tradition. The song brings some seriously aggressive energy to the table, all jagged guitar riffs and Tasmanian Devil-like drum fills. That is, until a horn section comes in out of nowhere, marking the first time I’ve heard a band go full ska-hardcore (I’m sure there are others, but I’m not much of a ska aficionado). The lead singer’s (lead screamer’s?) ragged, desperate vocals recall those of Jeffrey Eaton from Modern Life Is War, and the brooding, atmospheric instrumental break situated amid the track’s unhinged ferocity reminds me of the music from the other band’s minor classic Marshalltown. On some Fridays, I just want to relax to a cloud of fuzzy, wistful guitars, but today, listening to a group of Canadian dudes vent some frustration while I guzzled espresso was just the thing.

Side note: I love the group’s description of itself on its Facebook page: “Albatros plays punk rock. Albatros has a brass section. People don’t understand Albatros. Albatros has fun.” Amen to that.

Listen to the rest of Futile: https://nofuneralsound.bandcamp.com/album/futile

Check out more from No Funeral Records: https://nofuneralsound.bandcamp.com/

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