Daily Yinz – Pat Coyle – Glimmer of Gordon

Pat Coyle posits his latest album, Relic of a Rift, as a series of snapshots into the lonely, disconnected lives of alternate selves. Relic retains the melancholy of Coyle's previous releases, but sends his sorrow spinning onto a dimly-lit dance floor in a flurry of blipping electronic beats. "Glimmer of Gordon," which contrasts breezy acoustic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Pat Coyle – Glimmer of Gordon


Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine

Pat Coyle is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who makes introspective guitar ballads tinged with a subtle electronic sheen, the organic and digital joining forces to support a truly arresting voice. "The Machine," the first track on Coyle's newly released Iridescent Cues, opens with swirls of reversed synth and ghostly melodic whispers underpinned by a beat that … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine