Daily Yinz – Anti-Corn League – Caroline No Revisited

The "weirdo-rockers" of Anti-Corn League craft twangy, lo-fi tunes; they released their latest EP, Ghosts, last month. Bob Dylan revisited Highway 61, a stretch of road that runs from Minnesota to Louisiana; now, Anti-Corn League revisit "Caroline No," a mournful Beach Boys lullaby. Not to say that this is a cover (it doesn't bare a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Anti-Corn League – Caroline No Revisited

Daily Yinz – Arsinel x Yorel Tifsim – FARFETCHED

Arsinel and Yorel Tifsim, two of the city's most hypnotic hip-hop artists, team up for STRICTLY4THEBUGOUTS. Arsinel handles the album's production, while Tifsim contributes pitched-down raps and voiceovers. Arsinel's instrumentals are short on percussion and long on velvety atmosphere, unfurling slowly like puffs of cigar smoke across a backroom poker table, and Tifsim's dazed musings, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Arsinel x Yorel Tifsim – FARFETCHED

Daily Yinz – Valleyview – Rose Colored Glasses

Jesse Farine's Valleyview project goes post-punk on the recent single "Rose Colored Glasses." Where Valleyview's debut single, released in 2020, was all sunny acoustic guitar and outlandish vocals, "Rose Colored Glasses" embraces the dour atmosphere of 80's acts like Joy Division and Bauhaus without sacrificing the previous release's eccentricity. Drums flit like bat wings, guitars … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Valleyview – Rose Colored Glasses

Daily Yinz – Mome Rath – Sunlit

Mitcham Tuell's Mome Rath project (named for the tiny, two-legged puffballs from Alice In Wonderland) infuses dance music with a jittery, unsettling energy. Mome Rath's debut release, Kitchamajig, contains vaporous melodic swells, fast-twitch drum programming, brass accents, and a few garbled vocal samples. "Sunlit," the album's second track, is both its strangest and most subdued … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Mome Rath – Sunlit

Daily Yinz – Barlow – At Home

In September, noise-poppers Barlow celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first set by releasing an album called Walls of Future. Even though Walls of Future's title wouldn't sound out of place affixed to a big-budget Marvel picture, the album itself, like so many of Barlow's others, is gloriously lo-fi. Recording at home using Logic and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Barlow – At Home

Daily Yinz – Shamar – Overcasted

Rapper Shamar recently released the introspective "Overcasted" in support of his new album, Overcast Thoughts. "Overcasted" is one of those straight-talk tracks: no hook, no refrain, just bars, delivered in a relentlessly steady cadence and backed by a misty instrumental. Shamar touches on a lot over the course of the song's three and a half … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Shamar – Overcasted

Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – CAN’T IMAGINE

Bishop Ivy's new EP, parasocial, explores loss and loneliness through the lens of glossy electronic pop. Imagine if the two Justins (Bieber, Timberlake) got their hearts broken, teamed up, and went on a Shlohmo binge; parasocial resembles the fruits of that hypothetical collaboration. Digitized drums boom, pulses of bass worm their way beneath darkly sleek … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – CAN’T IMAGINE

Daily Yinz – Canary – Fools

Canary, a duo whose gossamer ballads recall slowcore stalwarts like Low, released a four-track album called Here in early October. Here contains a blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, the two elements tied together by Helena P. Nichols's vocals, which range from new-agey to baroque (albeit a super downtempo offshoot of baroque) in nature. Opener … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Canary – Fools

A.D. Showcase – The November Project

A.D. Showcase describes itself as "a group of creatives who came together to create a space for other like minded individuals and display their art. Rather, it's music, dance, painting, etc. Our focus is the artist and their success." This Friday, November 19th, A.D. Showcase is hosting an event in Homestead called The November Project, … Continue reading A.D. Showcase – The November Project