Daily Yinz – Think Good Audio – day by day

Think Good Audio's Michael Haynes was hospitalized earlier this year with a severe case of COVID-19; his October release, Breathe, wordlessly chronicles the harrowing experience. Breathe's ten tracks, each less than two minutes long, lead the listener through the doors of the ICU, past beeping ventilators and disembodied gasps for air, and into the light … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Think Good Audio – day by day

Daily Yinz – Nice Rec – Cold Blood

Producer Nice Rec, whose tag you may have seen affixed to tracks by any number of Pittsburgh rappers and singers, goes the solo route with September's Drink The Blue Sky. The album's Bandcamp page features a quote from Russian author Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, a dystopian novel whose story revolves around the inhabitants of a totalitarian … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Nice Rec – Cold Blood

Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – Bloom

Scratchy Blanket, a quintet that specializes in emotive indie rock, recently released an affecting single and video called "Bloom." The song, which guitarist Harrison Thurman describes as "taking inspiration from punk stalwarts Tigers Jaw and local heroes Adventures," is a clear-eyed look at a relationship that seems to have run its course. Singer Shannon Keating, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – Bloom

Daily Yinz – Benji. – Elevate

Benji., a Pittsburgh-based member of the acclaimed hip-hop collective Spillage Village, recently released an exuberant full-length called Smile, You're Alive!. Benji.'s rapping style blends soulful melody (think Chance if his voice had less squawk and more velvet) with dense, narrative flows (Big Sean-esque, but more sincere) ; his instrumentals--often complemented by the artist's own bass … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Benji. – Elevate

Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)

COMA are a Pittsburgh doom metal quartet who released their latest album, PAIN IS THE RITUAL, in July. The ten-tracker is full of grainy textures, gnarled guitar riffs, and anguished vocals, the musical ingredients combining to form fast-paced stomps, dolorous dirges, and gentle instrumentals alike. "Fear is the pain (of intent)" starts on a rollicking … Continue reading Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)

Daily Yinz – lys scott – best believe it (ft. DanSully)

Rapper lys scott follows up her June debut, squashed dreams & broken wings, with "best believe it," a carefree single produced by DanSully. The track's jaunty piano loops and bouncing boom-bap percussion create a sunny backdrop for scott to kick back and stretch her limbs, whirling through international locales ("Smoke that green green all the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – lys scott – best believe it (ft. DanSully)

Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – Robert Downey Jr

For his latest single, rapper Lando Ash pays tribute to Mr. Paul Avery from Zodiac, Mr. Not-Benedict-Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Tony Stark, the Iron Man himself. "Robert Downey Jr" is a pure stunt track, given an offbeat edge by Lando's eccentric boasts ("Back away, 'cuz we're cooking/Martha Stewart!") and oddball asides ("What about my love … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – Robert Downey Jr

Daily Yinz – Alma Maru – am18

Alma Maru is a two-piece experimental outfit comprising Ryan Unks and Nathan Berlinguette, both of whom are veterans of Pittsburgh metal bands Creation Is Crucifixion and The Human Quena Orchestra. The sounds featured on Alma Maru's self-titled debut, conjured via guitar and synth, vacillate between haunting, atmospheric drones and abrasive sheets of noise, sometimes within … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Alma Maru – am18

Daily Yinz – FTR Drama x Deezlee – ACT 34

Pittsburgh rappers FTR Drama and Deezlee team up for the opulent "ACT 34." The track, a melodic trap ballad built around subdued guitar plucks, delicate bells, and echoing trills, finds the two emcees reminiscing about past and present exploits, their cash-centric bars taking on a larger-than-life atmosphere thanks to some truly memorable flexes. FTR Drama, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – FTR Drama x Deezlee – ACT 34